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2014. 12. 20. · Hi I have a 1.9 tdi pd engine just had a complete overall new Pistons valves valve guides stem seals turbo the engine will not stop smoking all the ports are covered in oil the exhaust manifold ... Donald on Upgraded Mini Cooper K03 K04 Turbo !!!! Cody kenyon on Precision Ball Bearing Turbo Rebuild Kit; Stromectol on TDO4. Hi all. Yesterday I bought my wife a second hand Mini Cooper D. I have noticed a deposit of soot on the turbo and around the edges of the CAT heatshield. Also when revving i can see some blue smoke coming up from what looks like under the heatshield. After doing some research, I've found plenty of forum posts about the same thing. Get the turbo on the bench And split it (note where each bolt goes, they are as tight as hell by the way so don't round the bolts!) Once split give it a clean up. Don't throw away the cartridge just yet, you will need to take the oil return feed off it later!. The 2011 Mini Cooper has 24 NHTSA complaints for the engine at 60,224 miles average. ... NY 10607, (914) 347-6464) where it was diagnosed that the intake boot and all the connectors for the turbo. 2022. 3. 28. · 4) Oil Leak. If oil were to ever leak out of your piston rings or valve seals, then it would flow into the internal combustion chamber along with the fuel. Once the fuel and oil get mixed together, it will cause to come out of the. Car: 335i. Smoking issue resolved - 10-03-2015, 11:29 AM. Background: I have my 2009 335i since May 2013. The car was running great with no hiccups. My first modification was to install the JB4 and BMS DCI, this was done back in June 2013. My second modification I installed VRSF down pipes on Nov.2013 and did not notice any smoking issues. Step 3: Look For Any Crack In The Cylinder Head. The cylinder head is essential since it connects to the engine block and head gasket. Due to the fact that it's made of aluminum, it's prone to warping or breaking in the case of engine overheating, releasing white smoke from exhaust. Labor: 1.0. The cost to diagnose the P15E8 MINI code is 1.0 hour of labor. The auto repair's diagnosis time and labor rates vary by location, vehicle's make and model, and even your engine type. Most auto repair shops charge between $75 and $150 per hour. Fault codes p0700, p1692.Mini R52. Transmission control system fault and electronic throttle control monitor. car.

. MINI R56 CHECK ENGINE CODES. P2710 Tank Lid Max. P2711 Tank Lid Min. P2718 DMTL Heating Max. P2719 DMTL Heating Min. P271B DMTL Heating Signal. P271C Fuel Supply System Max. P2727 DMTL Tank Leakage Max.. 2007 Mini Cooper non-turbo. Hi folks. I'm having an issue with my vanos system. I'm getting a rough idle and codes 283D, 287D and 2845. I have a 2008 MINI Cooper S with the JCW package. My turbo oil feed line developed the all-too-common oil leak at the feed line. I installed the replacement part from Detroit Tuned and reassembled everything correctly (I'll admit that I have a few heat shield screws leftover, but after spending 12 hours on this project, I just wanted to start it up and see if it leaked). Starting about two weeks ago, I started to get a bit of smoke coming out of the exhaust. This only happened when the car had reached full operating water/oil temps, had been sitting in stop-go traffic, when riding 2nd gear to a stop, and when the RPMs dipped below 1000. Smoke clouds of varying sizes, depending on conditions, would envelop the car. Potential causes of turbo noise include: • Boost/air/vacuum leak - either on your engine intake, or your intercooler. • Compressor wheel damage. • Split hoses. • Over boosting (potentially caused by a wastegate fault) or poor remap. Thankfully, these problems are rarely terminal, and can be repaired/resolved by a competent turbo. Current Model. The Mini hardtop is sporty, quirky, and full of character, whether shoppers opt for the classic two-door or more practical four-door version. The Cooper S uses a four-cylinder turbo. Current Model. The Mini hardtop is sporty, quirky, and full of character, whether shoppers opt for the classic two-door or more practical four-door version. The Cooper S uses a four-cylinder turbo. The following are the engine codes for all current MINI Cooper's (Not Classics) First Generation MINIs. 2002-2006 R50 Cooper = W10 (W10B16) 1.6 Non Supercharged. 2002-2006 R53 Cooper S = W11 (W11B16) 1.6 Supercharged. NOTE: 1st gen convertibles were made at the same time the 2nd gen Coupe was.

. . Luckily, here is a more detailed list of the 6 most common symptoms of a boost leak: 1. Slow Turbo Spool. The turbo works by increasing the amount of air and fuel that can be fit into a cylinder; thus, increasing horsepower and performance. However, before the turbo 'kicks in,' it's turbine needs to spin very fast. During the week the MINI handles the duties of commuting, while on the weekends MINI owners run their trusty MINI ragged on the track at high speed or at fun-inducing, low speed autocross events in a nearby parking lot. In either case, the MINI chassis can be improved and we offer plenty of great options for every MINI owners needs. R56. Cooper. Misfire after warm up Please help. Discussion in ' 2nd Generation: 2007+ R55 through R61 ' started by fishkey, Jun 16, 2016 . Hello all, new to the forum. Hope someone can help. Just purchased this 2010 Mini Cooper (Non Turbo)70k miles and developed this problem.After the car warms up to operating temperature It develops a bad mis. My much loved Mini Cooper S has developed a problem. Whenever I put the foot down and accelerate hard, especially when speeding up to go on the motorway, there's this quick rattling sound like a piece of metal flying around. The sound lasts about a second then disappears. Whilst the noise is irritating the real problem is that the car looses. This is on a 58 R56 JCW - Had rebore and new rings last year and a brand new turbo and cat a fortnight ago. Before the turbo was replaced the car was using loads of oil, and smoking quite a bit but not in the specific circumstances after idling as it is now. The bearings in it were ruined though so not unexpected. R56 Mini Cooper S coolant Page 10/47. ... engine idle noise from cold. BMW Mini Cooper One R55 R56 R57 Radio Boost CD Player Head Unit How to replace the Page 11/47.. Rainman6412. I have a problem and need help on my 07 Mini Cooper S R56.When you rev up the engine, at about 2K RPM, white smoke comes out the exhaust. When driving at high RPM before shifting, white.

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